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The new Motorola Ex118 Motokey comes with an innovative, lightweight, and this is pretty neat new phone from Motorola. It also has several apps for former 118 and lets you download games for motorola ex 118 as well as download ringtones and screensaver install and download games for ex118.

It was created thinking about the people who love to be always connected to wifi internet and social networking facebook twitter. Motokey The former has a beautiful ex118 qwerty keyboard andtouch screen display highly sensitive, which greatly facilitates the use of the device.

These two options for handling the unit is very easy for those who like to always be sending messages or surfing on social networks.


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Features of the Motorola Ex118

Types of formats for playback:

Applications for Motorola Ex 118

* MP3 MP4 / H.263 playback 30FPS HVGA,
H.264 playback QVGA 30FPS
* MP4 / H.263 QVGA 30FPS record
64poly Midi
* AAC, eAAC + *

Connectivity Motorola Ex118

Bluetooth technology motorola ex118
Stereo Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with A2DP

Own Fm Radio

3.5 mmpara headset

Connection Type

USB 2.0
Format cell

qwerty Bar
Weight and Size

Size of the device
103 x 60 x 9.9m


Touch Screen Display
Screen Size: 2.4 “inches
Resolution (320 x 240 pixels)
Color: 65 000

Games for Motorola ex118

Before buying mobile phones you should also observe whether it has interesting applications and lets you download Motorola aplicativos.O Motokey ex118 has good options for those who like to play for even mobile java games or 3D and download games formotorola ex 118. It supports Java games and more.

The games for motorola ex 118 has high quality graphics and some games in HD or 3D. The ex118 has several motokey Motorola java games you can download games for the device it self ex118 using the internet wifi java. For those who want to play games on your phone motorola ex118 games that allows access to games in HD and 3D games and ex118 can download games for motorola ex118 and also take advantage of those games that is already installed on your phone safely and practice.

Some phones cheap motorola has only simple functions, but motorola ex118 has several options and also allows it to buy games online or play online games on 3g phone. There are also some other business games and strategy games online that you can buy games for motorola ex118 or play online with your mobile phone.

There are several releases of games for motorola 2012

War Games – car games – bike game – card game – Racinggames – fighting games – football game – car games – java games- 3D games – games in hd – motorola games – adventure games -board games – game drive

Racing games for motorola ex118

Asphalt Adrenaline 6

Ferrari GT 2: Revolution

Fast and Furious 5 Movie: Official Game

Grand Theft Auto: 4

Opposite Lock

Adventure games for motorola ex118

Kung Fu Panda 2

Sonic Unleashed

Games for Motorola Moto motokey ex118

Extreme Trial Motocross


Full 3D Tron Legacy

Soccer Game for motorola ex118

Real Football 2012

There are now several models of phones from Motorola, but you can buy motorola ex118 motokey without worry because you aremaking a big deal. It offers many features and you can enter sites to download apps for motorola ex118 or download games for motorola ex118.

Some games are paid ex118 and others not, but where can you download games for motorola ex118 safely and start playing on the phone very quickly.

Install applications ex118 and ex118 motokey to download games, themes and games for motorola gps and ex 118 you can also download games and other applications motorola original motorola and install games on your phone.

When you download games for motorola ex 118 is interesting when you put them directly on the memory card, so the memory cell is not heavy and the phone continues to function normally, because some 118 former mobile games are quite heavy and can lock your device ..

You can download games for motorola ex 118 or download games for ex118 motor in several Internet sites including this one.

The motorola ex118 motokey has amazing games and applications

Download Applications for Motorola Ex 118

The apps motorola ex118 will make life easier for the user with several new functions and useful for day to day. Applications for ex118 are available for download games for motorola. Install apps motorola ex 118 is very easy and allows you to access and navigate the Internet easily and securely. There are some applications for motorola ex118 paid and others not.

Download Themes for Motorola Ex118

Leave your phone with your face with the issues ex118 which is already installed and changing the wallpaper has loaded in memory, you can even download themes for motorola ex118 this site and download screen savers for mobile motokey. See also new backgrounds for ex118 and wallpaper to change the look of your phone. Install themes for motorola ex118 or download wallpaper for ex 118 is very easy to just download a screen saver or background on the homepage and install on your phone. For those who have no experience with applications apps is very easy to download themes for motorola ex118, below we have a field for questions and answers.

On the basis of ex motorola 118 apps you can enjoy all the big screen with 2.4 podegadas which not only can watch youtube videos hd but also see photos that were taken in his motokey ex118 and you can send photos to Facebook directly from thephone easily.

Download ringtones and mp3 ringtones is also possible for thisphone. Download themes for ex118 on this site or you can download wallpaper for motorola ex118. If still unsure of how tonstall screen saver and wallpaper on the phone to ask a question below.



It comes with ringtones in mp3 downloaded but you can also download funny ringtones download ringtones for mobile o rmobile Ex118


Lets put wallpaper and download wallpaper for mobile internet, download wallpaper.


Download screensaver for motorola ex118 and download screensaver mobile.

Technical specifications of the Motorola EX118 Motokey Xt

Format 118 motokey ex: Qwert bar

Band: QuadBand (850/900/1800/1900 MHZ)
Frequency: GSM
Keyboard: QWERTY and Touchscreen
Operating System: Motorola – Standard type


Internal Memory: 50 MB
Expandable to: 32 GB (can be expanded with micro sd card)
Card Type: Micro SD

Connectivity cell motorola ex 118

– GSM – 850/900/1800/1900

– WAP 2.0
– Bluetooth 2.1

Sending Message:

– IM
– Dynamic Writing: T9

Camera Motorola Ex118

One of the key features you should check before buying phone is its camera.

– Resolution: 3.2 megapixels (2048 x 1536 pixels)
– Video Recorder: Yes
– Video File Format: MP4, H.263

Configure Internet Ex 118 Motorola – Opera mobile – wi-fi and 2.5g.

If you do not know how to set up wifi internet motorola ex118 follows a basic path for the configuration of internet motorola ex118 with the help of an app for motorola ex 118

The site itself has a motorola to make settings on the internet and help you access the internet motorola ex118. Simply go here and put the model of your device, then the mobile number and operator. Shortly there after you will receive messages on your phone with the configuration of the wi-fi and then just install and start using the internet and access facebook or join orkut.

If you have any questions, ask a question by clicking here.

Multimedia System:

You can install software in motorola ex118 to improve their performance, as well as download ringtones ex 118 or download themes for motorola ex118.

– MP3 Player
– Touch Polyphonic and MP3 (ringtones in mp3 you can set to answer calls)

Mode Call:

– Speed Dial
– Airplane mode
– Vibrate

Battery Motorola Ex118

The phone battery is another very important factor that we should check before buying phone. No use buying cheap cell phones for example the battery does not last long enough to use its functions, especially for motorola ex118 that has many applications such as GPS, games and themes that require a lotof battery life. The phone’s screen display and touch screen pullsenough battery. So when you buy mobile phone with touch screen must be alert to the battery life.

– Talk time: up to 4 hours
– Standby: 200 hours
– Battery type: Li-Ion 930 mAh

Other features of the motorola ex 118 motokey

– Clock / Alarm
– Phonebook: up to 1000 contacts
– Schedule of commitments
– Calculator
– Tasks
– Stopwatch

Where to buy motokey motorola ex118?

You can buy motorola ex118 in many places. A quick and convenient way is to buy the mobile internet and today there are several sites to buy cheap cell phone where you can buy very cheap and can even compare the prices of mobile phones before making the purchase online.

The motorola ex 118 applications can be purchased at various sites and also the games motorola ex 118. In retail stores the price of mobile phones are usually more expensive than the Internet because you can play them on the device, testing, and is also much safer. However, there are now quite reliable sites that are already on the market too long and you can trust.

Well, if you have any questions regarding the operation of Motorola Ex118 or wish to make a comment, use the field below.

Comments on the Motorola Ex 118

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